Brittany Rebecca Helton

2013 Las Vegas Out of the Darkness Walk

Balloons black and white

 The 2013 Out of the Darkness Walk benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention was the largest walk in Las Vegas history. We had over 500 people out and raised over $25,000 for the AFSP for research, advocacy and education.

The weather was less than desirable, but for as cold as it was, there was such an amazing turnout of support. Not just from the participants, but from the volunteers as well. Everyone did an awesome job in making the walk a huge success.


Dan Wenzl was the Celebration of Life speaker this year. He told a moving and at times funny story about his friend Roswell Friend and how he felt when he found out that Roswell had taken his own life. He expressed his feelings of anger and of sadness. It took a lot of convincing to get him to share his story, but in the end he did a beautiful job and I have no doubt that Roswell was watching over him that day with that huge smile on his face. Your boy did great Roswell!!

I feel very honored to have been asked to be the Chairperson for this year’s walk. We had media coverage with the interview on the Sunday morning news as well as having the event listed on every Community Bulletin Board and PSAs on as many channels as we could get. Postcards and flyers were handed out and the word was spread all over the valley.

I am looking forward to getting the next fundraiser going to getting everything in order to get this chapter up and running!

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