Brittany Rebecca Helton


Please join us in celebrating the life of an amazing young woman whose time was cut entirely too short. She had other work to do, and knew when it was time to go. She is missed deeply and is forever in our hearts.

Your thoughts, stories and comments are more than welcome. Please keep in mind that this is a celebration of life and love, not something to be damaged or scarred in anyway. If you have something that is not exactly pleasant, you are more than welcome to leave it. All comments are reviewed prior to them being published, so it is suggested that if you have nothing nice to say….don’t say it because it will not get published.

Thank you! We Love You!

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  • Stacey

    I miss you my girl….

  • John

    Wish I had the chance to get to know you. If you are anything like your sisters and mother, I know you would have been an amazing person to know. There is so much life in your images and love in the hearts of your family and friends. They all know that you are now at peace and watching over them.

  • Mommy

    My sweet chunky monkey….
    I miss you so very much! I wish I could have saved you from the pain that was inflicted on you and the anguish that you suffered. You did not deserve to be treated the way you were and we did not deserve to lose you.
    Your sisters, grandparents and I miss you so so much. We are still trying to get our head around all of this nonsense and the things that are being done.
    You were, and always will be MY LITTLE BRITTANY.

    I love you more than you will ever understand or know.
    <3 mommy

  • Mommy

    You will be deeply missed by the mother that truly loved and adored you. You know the truth baby girl! You see what is happening. You know what they have done.
    I love you!!

  • Stacey

    Things will get better eventually honey. All the ‘Crazies’ (as sissy calls them) will go away and leave us alone and we will have our chance to finally mourn you the way we deserve to. All the truth is coming out about THAT person and you see it now too, don’t you baby? Not just THAT one, but all of them.
    I wish you would have reached out to me and let me know that you were having problems. All the way back to when your daddy went overseas. I know more than you think.
    my sweet angel….I will see you again one day…on the other side. You are so missed and continue to be loved everyday!

  • Michelle McLaurin

    Stacey and family,

    So sorry for you loss of this beautiful angel. It is sad that during the loss of a loved one, such terrible things happen. People show an ugly and hateful side. It is because of their guilt, or because they are mourning and don’t know how to handle it themselves. However, that doesn’t excuse it. A person’s true colors show at the lowest times of their lives. Stacey, at this lowest point of your life, I am proud to be your friend. You have shown your true colors….you are a loving and caring mother who greatly misses her child, your warm heart is extending out to others to stop them from feeling this pain. This takes a really wonderful human being to find a positive way to express their loss and help others! Stay true to yourself hunny, and your sweet Brittany, she is looking down proudly and lovingly at her mother, Stacey.

    Love you and god bless you and your family.


  • Mommy

    5 weeks ago you left us and we still wonder WHY? You must had had some important work to do up there baby. You must have felt that you needed to help God with some things.
    I love you!!!

  • Mommy

    I am hoping to one day find out who received the organs you donated. I could not be more proud of you for wanting to help others who need it. You were an amazing girl and I hope to be just like you when I grow up.
    I love you~


  • Michael Anthony Gilson

    You were a beautiful life and behind you, you left a beautiful light… and that light will shine on, for death is only a horizon over which we cannot see, but where we will all eventually be reunited…. until that time, watch out over all of those who so obviously adored you so deeply… If you didn’t realize how much you were loved, I’m so sorry because I, too, can remember how hard it is to be young… but I’m sure you know it now… God Bless You, Brittany…

  • Torri Godwin

    Stacey ~ I’m so sorry about your baby girl – I know you miss her very much – I know you loved her and she knows you loved her ~ our girls and zan were suppose to grow up together ~ we need to hold tight to them ~ I am sorry you are hurting I wish I could take it all away ~ Brittany will never be forgotten always in our hearts!~ Stacey ~ remember if you need anything, just call and I will come running~
    I Love You Sis ~

  • Leann Barrick


    My daughter was there to welcome her with open arms in heaven. Blessed be the souls that touch our heart so deeply that they leave a permanent dent in the heart.


  • Amber

    I find myself thinking of you very often. I find myself remembering your beauty and how sweet and kind you were to everyone. It still does not seem real that you are no longer here… I don’t think it will ever feel real. Losing you has made me think about my life and how sometimes I may take things for granted, I cherish the people that mean so much to me more than I did before. You know that I am older than you but I have always looked up to you for being so loveable and full of courage. For being so young, you left an incredible mark here, one that has impacted so many people.
    I normally go to your facebook page to look at your pictures and maybe send you a little message, but I realized today that you are no longer on the friends list- guess your site got deleted? 🙁 I sorta wish it would have been left alone, didn’t seem right that it was taken over- many of us wanted to look at your facebook page exactly the way you left it. Anyhow, I decided to search to see if there was another page in your memory and I found this one- If there is one thing that I can tell from this page it is that your mother loves you very much! I will never understand what happened, or is happening with your family- but I do know that someone as beautiful as you does not deserve all of the drama!! I was in Burlington the other day… and I missed you running up with a big smile on your face to give me a hug! I was also looking through some cheerleading pictures and found the ones from the season that you and Olivia both cheered for- I couldn’t help but laugh because I still rememeber your sense of humor and how much fun you made that season for me! Well I better go for now, Rest in Peace Brittany- In REAL Peace.
    Love always,

    • Mommy

      Thank you Amber! Thank you for the kind words about Brittany. Please feel free to come here anytime to leave messages for her. If you would like to contact me privately to get the password for the pictures please do. Also, please tell all of Brittanys friends about this website. It is for her and for her memory and for everyone to talk to her and tell her whatever you want.
      We miss her so much everyday. We struggle, but we are so very thankful for the short time we had with our angel!
      Thank you for loving her

  • KellyRewerts

    Stacey, Brittany had such a beautiful smile. I know she had to be a very special young lady and you must be so proud of her. {{{Hugs}}} to you my friend.

  • tek

    I don’t understand why you left us any more than I understand why my son left us such as he did. I wish you were both still here so we could hug you again and tell you how much we love you.