Brittany Rebecca Helton

6 weeks today…..

by on Sep.15, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

You have been gone 6 weeks today. Has it really been that long already? How could time continue to move when you are not here to move with it? How could you just leave us and not even have given it a thought before you left? Do you realize how much we miss you? Do you even care that your baby sisters will NEVER get to have the opportunity to learn things from you? They will never get a chance to want to be just like their big sister, like they do with Ashley. You will never be able to teach them how to be a proper young lady. They will never get to see you get married. They will never get to say that they are your childrens aunts. They will never really get a chance to mourn you, because they never got a chance to know you. You will never get to go to their high school graduation, or help them get ready to go to the prom, or see the look on their face when they get their first car. Instead, maybe, one day they will get to visit you and put flowers on your headstone. THAT is the kind of relationship they will have with you because you chose to end an amazing life. You chose to make us all hurt and sad that you are gone. You chose to NOT let us in and know that you were hurting so badly. I am angry…not at you, but at your choice to take you away from us. But, with all that anger, there is 10 times the love. I will always love you the way that I did when I first found out about you. I remember the day you were born, and the day you died, but I will cherish all of the times between.

Rest in peace my angel on this 6 week mark of your passing. 6 weeks without you is a lifetime. I love you so very much.