Brittany Rebecca Helton

And the Drama Continues………..

by on Sep.22, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

Brittany, its been 7 weeks and she continues to carry on with the drama. Do you think she will ever realize how wrong she is? Do you think she will ever realize that you would not want this to happen? Do you think she even cares what you think? I don’t think she ever cared about you. She did the things she did to get to me. She hated me so much that she pushed you over the edge and caused you to do what you did. If you had been here I don’t think you would have had such thoughts.

Do you think she will ever stop telling lies about what really happened? Not just when you were growing up, but when you died also. They say that liars begin to believe their own lies. She cannot keep her stories straight. She is so dillusional that she truly believes what she is saying. She needs serious help and all I can do is pray for her. Gram says the best thing you can do for your enemies is to pray for them. I will do that and hope that she finds her way and that she is able to rid herself of the guilt that she is feeling over what happened to you and how she treated your sister.

I know that you are watching us and you see what is going on. I know you cannot be happy with the way she is carrying on and the fact that she is not allowing us to mourn you in peace. I know that you see that she is the one that is continuing on with the harassment and the drama and will just not let it go. I wish she would just leave us alone.

I miss you so much, and NOT MATTER what anyone says…I have always and will always love you! You and your sisters mean the world to me and I would give anything to have you back and out of the pain that you were in and the torment that you went through being there.