Brittany Rebecca Helton

Crazy lives in PA I guess…….

by on Dec.04, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

Bitty, its funny how some people have the balls to say that you had a mental disorder, and that you got it from me, but what people don’t realize is that CRAZY, BIPOLAR, MANIC DEPRESSIVE all reside in Muncy, PA under the same roof that you were killed. It’s funny that there were 2 constables at your funeral and the crazy one was the one that had to be spoken to twice because she opened her big mouth. It’s funny how she tried to make herself look better to everyone AFTER she got in trouble and had your SISTER and I sit up front with the rest of the crazy KLAN. I am sure that she did that just so she could say ‘oh look, I saved a seat for them out of the kindness of my heart’!!

I know that is the reason why you left the way you did! She can ask WHY all she wants, but perhaps she should take a look in the mirror and realize that SHE is the reason why you did what you did. I know about the phone call that you got on Brett’s birthday weekend and that you did not get to go to the amusement park because the crazy one made you come home early, even after she knew you were going to ride the roller coasters. I know about the screaming matches and the fights and the fact that you wanted to move out.  I have no doubt that she was freaking out because she would no longer have control over you. YES, you were 19, but you were treated like a child! While the crazy one was taking a NAP on the couch in the middle of the morning (what the eff could she have going on that she would need to nap in the morning…..I guess its hard sitting on your fat ass all day and ordering your children around) you were upstairs doing the only thing you could do to get out of the crazy.  I am so sorry that I could not get you out of there.  I would have come to get you in a heartbeat.  No questions asked.

I also think its hilarious that she cannot even see that SHE is the one that has been using people. What kind of a woman would treat children the way that she does? What kind of a woman would brush under the carpet the fact that one of your step brothers was video taping you? What kind of a woman would steal children from another woman and not have any remorse for doing it.

There is so much that I am going to tell you when I see you one day, although, you already know the truth and what has really happened. The only thing that I am going to ask you is why you never reached out to me. You must have been so afraid of what she would have done to you. It’s so sad that because of one worthless individual, that MY BABY is gone. That I don’t get to see you ever again.

I love you…….Know what is true baby girl, and know who is deceiving you……