Brittany Rebecca Helton

Rough Night…..

by on Dec.05, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

So, I had a rough night last night. I thought about you and all the torment you were made to deal with for the entire time that you were with your dad and your horrid step monster. I cried for about an hour knowing that they are responsible for your death. They are the reason why I will never get to see you get married, will never get to hold your babies, MY grandbabies and will never get to see you as an amazing mother, despite the crazy woman that called herself your mother. She never deserved to have you, let alone the monsters that she actually gave birth to. They are NOT your siblings. Your siblings are your sisters here. They miss you and so do I. That entire family is worthless. They can’t even see what kind of CRAZY that disgusting excuse for a human is!! She has gone off her rocker and hit the floor hard! She seriously needs to get some help and realize how much of a self centered BITCH she really is. And for her to call me the things that she did. I don’t think I have to tell you that she is no less of a whore! She is the one that broke her family up, not to mention your dad! WOW!! They are perfect for each other! 2 cheaters!!! I wonder if you found out that your loser dad was cheating again. Is that why you did what you did. It was bad enough that you had to deal with it the last time that it happened. What kind of a man makes his own daughter lie about something like that? A worthless one…that’s who.

They claim to have loved your sister, but not once have they even bothered to call and find out how she is holding up….but you know that already. I know you see what is going on. I can’t believe that I even cared how your dad was doing after you died. The funny thing is that I bet that crazy woman doesn’t even has a clue that your dad and I were talking before I came out to lay you to rest and we laughed with each other about the day you were born, and we cried with each other about the day you were born….and the fact that we lost you. We lost OUR baby. You were our little Chunky Monkey and we loved you so much.

I hope you are resting baby….I love you…G0odnight