Brittany Rebecca Helton

~~~~~~ I Still Feel Your Love ~~~~~~

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Poetry


I know you’re gone from this earth
You left me way too soon
But I feel your love every time
I gaze up at the moon.

Sometimes I think I hear
A whisper in the wind
It sounds as if you’ve called my name
As your love to me you send.

Sometimes I do a silly thing
And your laughter fills my ears
I know you’re right here with me
But I can’t see you through my tears.

I felt your hand upon my shoulder
And I quickly turned to see
Visible… you were not
But I know you’re here with me.

In the night you sometime come
To visit in my dreams
My hands go out to touch you
But you’re just out of reach it seems.

For just a flash you appear
Standing close to me
Is it just my imagination
Or is it really you I see.

Even though you’re gone from me
And you watch me from above
I long for you everyday…
And I still feel your love.

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~