Brittany Rebecca Helton

I found more pictures!

by on Dec.16, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

I am so excited that I found more pictures of you and your sister, also the ones that we had taken when you were here for your 12th birthday! I was so excited! Its the ones of all of my girls together! My 4 babies all in one picture! I also found ones of you and sissy when you were just about 2 years old! Pictures that certain people don’t have.

I also have your baby book! I looked through it the other day and it made me smile and it made me cry. It brought back so many memories of that day and the times that we had together. Those memories mean so very much to me. Who cares that we did not have alot of time together due to certain individuals not abiding by the court order….we have our memories and no one can take those away from us! The memories of you and sissy playing with your toys on Christmas morning and you sitting on the floor with grandpa playing with your barbies!

It’s all good baby….everything is going to be all good! Just ignore the bad, and focus on the good!

Rest my sweetheart!

I love you so very much!!