Brittany Rebecca Helton

New Song and new wedding announcements

by on Dec.16, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

Hi baby~

I saw my friend Marley last night who is this amazing singer with a voice from heaven. Right after you died, before your sister and I left Vegas for your funeral, we went to see Marley sing. She sang the most beautiful song and she dedicated it to me for you. Everytime I hear it I get teary eyed. It’s so beautiful and it is definitely for you. Anyway, last night she gave me a CD with the song on it so I can listen to it whenever I want to. You would have loved her. She is gorgeous both inside and out.

I am going to make new wedding announcements for sissy because 1) there are some names that need to be removed, and 2) there are some ridiculous punctuation errors on it (no wonder, right? Considering who wrote them). I think that will be my next big project. Sissy and I also have to start planning for the wedding after the holidays are over. I am so excited for it, but so sad too because you will not be here like you were supposed to. We were all supposed to celebrate together and dance and laugh and drink and have a great time. Mom and all her girls were supposed to be together on that happy day, but now we will be missing one girl. One very special girl. We will say a prayer for you and save a seat for you at the table, right next to your sister…where you belong.

We will never get to do that at your wedding…dance and laugh and have a good time. We were going to do that and now that you are gone, I can only fantasize about what you would have looked like in your wedding dress. I can only imagine helping you with your hair and makeup and putting your veil on you. I will never get to be ‘the mother of the bride’ at your wedding and I will never get to see your first dance with your husband.

Christmas is 9 days away, and you have been gone 135 days. All I want to do is count backwards to August 4th. Actually, I want to go back to August 3rd…..and stop time…

I love you my girl!