Brittany Rebecca Helton

Thank you BRITTANY rebecca~

by on Dec.16, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

Thank you for coming into my dream last night! It was so nice to see you and to hold you again! You had the most beautiful smile on your face and you sat with me and we laughed and decorated the christmas tree. It was so nice to have you there with me, where you belong. I think that its time that I hang your stocking up. I think that I am at the point that I can do that. Right now it just sits on the chair in my bedroom and I touch it everyday. It brings me joy thinking back to that christmas that you were here after sissy was born. It really was one of the best times for me. You looked so happy. I should have kept you after seeing the condition that you arrived in and the minimal amount of things that you showed up with in your suitcase. Who sends a child somewhere in the winter time with summer clothes, that reeked of smoke. Poor thing. We had to go shopping just to get you clothes for the time that you were here with us. You and Sissy had such a great time and the entire family was so happy to have you here with us where you should have been all along.

When I told Grandma Trudi about you, she cried and cried. I think that her heart is broken now. She has been in and out of the hospital over the past few weeks. Please watch over here and keep her well. She could really use you right now. Also, watch over Grandpa Mike, as he is traveling and we need him to be safe. Our family cannot take any more losses.

I love you dearly my sweet BRITTANY. Rest in peace for now my baby. We will see each other again one day!

Love you~