Brittany Rebecca Helton

Here comes the sun

by on Dec.23, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

Thank you so much for shining the sun on us. We definitely needed it, although the rain was so great! Once again, I feel you here with us and it feels great!

I hope you are looking over everyone that needs you up there. My cousin Sherri is there. Look for her if you haven’t seen her already, and of course Grandma Rita. Play with Bubby, Sasha and Monkey also. It’s probably been awhile since they have been able to really play.

Say a prayer for the people here that need it the most. You know who they are what they have done and continue to do. You know what is being said and the fact that they are trying to hurt the ones that are closest to you.

The funny thing is that they say that we don’t matter to them, but the crazies continue to write about us on the joke blog. If we don’t mean anything, then why is her life revolving around us when it should be revolving around you and the life that you lived. She should be focusing on honoring your life instead of trying to make us look bad, which is not working. What kind of a so called ‘mother’ would rather focus on people that in here words ‘don’t matter’ than to focus on you and your beautiful life and the work that you still have to do. It baffles me sometimes my sweetheart.

Well, 2 more days til christmas. I hope that we have another visit from you! I love you so much.

Here Comes The Sun…..