Brittany Rebecca Helton

It’s Over….Finally~

by on Dec.27, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

Hi Honey~

Christmas is finally over and I am both sad and happy about that. It’s funny how I used to love this holiday, now I just want it to be over, along with this year. I was sitting in the livingroom on Christmas morning watching your sisters play with all of their things, and looked at Tristann for just a moment and she reminded me so much of you that I broke down. She is the same age that you were when you came out for the one christmas that you did, and that was only because your ‘parents’ weren’t abiding by the court order to send you out when you were supposed to, but that is neither here nor there. The thing that mattered was that you were where you belonged, with your mother and your sisters. It was such a great time, no matter how much the crazies tried to ruin it. You never stopped smiling the entire time that you were here, even when the crazies called the police to our house. They saw how happy you were and they left immediately!

Thank you for the visit last night. It was a restless night, for everyone I think, even Roxy. She did not sleep well at all.

So, I know that you saw what went on on Christmas this year, what with the insane things the crazy was doing. It’s ok baby, everyone who matters knows the truth. She can say anything she wants, it does not affect me the way that it used to. I actully find it quite comical just how dillusional she really is, and the fact that she would rather focus on ‘people she does not give a damn about’ (her words) than to focus on celebrating and honoring your life. Also that she thinks that everything she is posting is factual, when in fact she edited your obituary to remove mine, your grandparents and your sisters name out of it! How is that honoring your life? She claims that my site is full of lies…..perhaps she should read her own postings! The other thing I find comical is that she is bashing me about my age….hey CRAZY…we are the EXACT same age!! What a moron! I know that you did not hate me. I know that you were trying to get away from that insane person and her crazy effed up life. I know that you were trying to make your way out of that asylum that is called a house. You got out, but unfortunately, we all lost you as well. It’s all good though. One day all of her crazy actions will catch up to her, and as your sissy said on Facebook ‘Your anger and stupidity are going to consume you and shorten your life and when it finally does catch up to you and take you down, the world will be an infinitely better place.’ I could not agree with her more! She really is an amazing girl! Thank god neither of you got any of the ‘stupid’ rubbed off on you.

I hope that you are able to rest in Heavenly peace sweetheart. I know with all the continued craziness from the CRAZY, it’s a difficult thing to do, but please try. God knows that you of all people deserve it the most.