Brittany Rebecca Helton

I will post WHAT I WANT!!!

by on Dec.29, 2010, under Thoughts and Feelings

and there is nothing that any moron can do about it!! You can put your little ‘legal’ jargon on your website all you want, but it’s not legal. Next time you should really consult your legal counsel to get the correct verbiage AND spelling of the terms!

And as for posting MY daughters birth certificate on line, why don’t you just post her social security number while you are at it! Why don’t you just leave your front door open for every thief in the area to steal everything you have! That is pretty much what you have done! What an idiotic move that was!! If that doesn’t say ‘I’m not only stupid but crazy too’ I don’t know what does!!! Whatever point you were trying to prove was out the window……unless it was to prove just how ridiculous and moronic you really are!!! Thanks for showing everyone just how right I was all along!!