Brittany Rebecca Helton

Just random thoughts….

by on Jan.13, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

You know baby, it’s funny that people think that they are ‘nearly perfect’ when it comes to certain things. I have been accused of not wanting to see you or not making time for you, but I remember when Troy and I were getting married and I wanted you to be there sooooo badly, but ‘parents’ refused to allow you to be there because ‘it wasn’t your time to come for a visit’, even though I said that I would pay for all the the travel expenses, just like I ALWAYS did!!! Also, I asked your ‘father’ to do me a favor and drive you to the nearest large city for you to fly out on your ‘scheduled’ visits, and he asked the judge to award him a mileage expense if that were going to happen…instead of just being nice and agreeing to it so you could spend time with your sisters, he wanted to be a jerk. I have no doubt that it was more the CRAZY than it was him, but he really should have grown a set and laid the law down to her. Apparently he has never been able to do that….even when he was hiding the fact that he was sleeping around and that he moved out and he told you all the dirty little secrets and made you keep it quiet!! You poor thing…that could not have been easy for you, being that you were ‘HER secret keeper’. I just wonder what other secrets you were forced to keep in your short life. THAT was not your job to do that. What kind of people make their ‘child’ keep such secrets as they are having an affair?? DISGUSTING!! I wish that I would have just fought even harder than I did to get you to be where you belong. At least you would still be alive and all of us would not be hurting the way that we are…..Instead, I went into financial ruin (which I would do 10 times over) and tons of heartache to get you to be here with me and your sisters. I did everything the right way and followed the law and they did everything wrong and broke the law and the court order all for what??? So you could go and kill yourself because of them?? GREAT!!!