Brittany Rebecca Helton

I’ll put it in terms you will understand…I need a box of CRAYONS!

by on Jan.21, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

You know, people are just ignorant sometimes honey. They believe what they hear from someone else and don’t bother to actually ASK what the whole story is. Instead of becoming extremely defensive and attacking (yes, it attacKing not attacHing), they should just reach out to the other person to actually find out the truth. Even if they do not know that other person. I guess it’s just easier to believe all the CRAZY things people have to say instead of really trying to find out the truth. But that just goes to show me that those kind of people are so closed minded that they just don’t care what the truth is and would rather believe something that a dillusional, unstable person has to say. Everything that she has had to say has been nothing but lies anyway! Anyone who is important knows that.

As for the name calling, seriously!! How would she feel is someone referred to her by the things that she calls me. I may have been (in the CRAZY’s words) an ‘egg donor’ and an ‘incubator’ (whatever, at least I did not steal children from another woman!!) but I will never have the tag of ‘loser’ or ‘murderer’!!! Grow up and act like you are a 40 year old mother of TWO!!! It’s not wonder why the 2 boys have turned out as bad as they have…..their mother is CRAZY!!! I hate that you are gone, but I am glad that you no longer have to put up with her bipolar, deranged actions. We all know why you did what you did, and it was because of her and the way that she tormented you. The things that she did to you when you were walking the earth. She should be ashamed of herself for treating people the way that she does. Not only you, but your sissy too. She made her believe that she loved her and wanted to be a part of her life, and then as soon as you died, she threw her aside like the trash. Well, that CRAZY definitely belongs on the curb with the rest of the garbage because that is all she is.

If she doesn’t care about sissy, why does she keep bringing her up….and me too for that matter? If she does not give us a 2nd thought, why does she keep writing about us? It must be the best way for her to mask her own guilt. Obviously she is feeling bad about the things that she did to you and the way she treated sissy. She was so jealous of me because I was both of yours mom, that she took it out on you and your sister. What a pathetic individual she is for being that way. She should have been thanking me for allowing her to be a part of your life. I allowed you to do what you wanted to do because I wanted you to be happy. Now that I look back, I should have just kept you and gotten an emergency order to NOT have you go back. If I had known what I know now, you NEVER would have returned to that insane individual.

I wish she would just leave us alone. There is no reason to make statements about us, and there certainly is no reason to talk about us. You know, it’s been said that if you are occupying real estate in someones head, then you must be important to them!!  

I love you and I am sorry that I could not save you from all of that torment and torture