Brittany Rebecca Helton

Taking the High Road…..

by on Jan.21, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

is what I am going to do baby. I refuse to let some uneducated country bumpkin get to me as if she meant something to me. WHATEVS!!! Say what you want to say about me, but anyone who is important to me knows what the truth is. They know who the bi polar one is and who the one is that NEEDS the medication, and it certainly is NOT me. This will be THE LAST time that CRAZY occupies any real estate on this page. She does not deserve it.

Let’s discuss the picture thing and the fact that I am ‘Stealing’ pictures from a public domain website! First of all, if you put it up on the worldwide web, anyone can do anything they want with it, so therefore, it is not stealing. Even if you do put some lame joke of ‘legal’ jargon at the bottom. Show me your copyright paperwork. Even then….Hello Pot, this is the Kettle……there is a picture on that joke of a website that is from the day you were born…….SHE was not even there that day…..She feels so guilty about you dying while she was napping that she feels the need to make up for it by putting up a picture of the day you were born. I hope that she knows this….I was there when you were brought into this world, and she was napping when you left this world.

As for me calling you ‘bad names’, you know that is not true, but how about the fact that your sister overheard a certain CRAZY calling you the ‘C U Next Tuesday’ word while she was on the phone with someone one day and did not know that your sister was standing right there!!! That is the most disgusting word that anyone can call another person, but it does not surprise me coming from someone like that. That just shows the level of education. I am SOOOOO glad that you did not pick up her horrible habits. AND, if she does not care about your sister, than why is there a picture of her and you on her stupid website.

I am soooo sorry that you had to live with that for as long as you did. I know that you saw what was going on before you left us, and I know that you are seeing what is going on now. Shed light for those that need help seeing the truth, and know that we will love you and miss you forever. We will honor your life and continue to cherish the time we had with you.