Brittany Rebecca Helton

An Amazing Walk, for you and all the lost ones

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

Brittany, thank you so much for the great weather yesterday. Well, after my speech that is. The weather to start the day was not that great, but after I spoke, and we released the doves, your light shone through. It was such a great day and so many special people turned out for the walk. There were so many tears and so many laughs. I know you were there watching over us and made sure that everything went well. We raised almost $6300 and we are still rallying for more donations. I already have all sorts of ideas for next years walk, and we are hoping that we will have even more people at the walk.

And, there was absolutely NO drama!! The one person that I was worried about showing up did not even bother. I guess it just goes to show how much she really loved and cared about you. But you know baby, it’s ok….the important people were there, and you would have loved each and every one of them!