Brittany Rebecca Helton

Your sissy!

by on Feb.25, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

I love how Ashley has an amazing way with words! She is awesome! She can belittle someone in the nicest way! The funny thing is that she can put it up on Facebook and the person that it’s aimed at will never see it, let alone understand it. Thank God that you both got your smarts from me! Thank God you both have some common sense….and you are both gorgeous to boot! Unsafe combo for some morons in this world!!!

And, it is FINALLY time that someone had the nerve to stand up and speak their mind to the CRAZY. Everyone is so afraid of her and what she might do to them like she did to you that they will talk shit behind her back all day long, when when it comes to saying it to her face… balls! Except there is one bright one in the whole bunch who has actually not lied to sissy and said that she was family and then stabbed her in the back. Good for you STACY! You should teach Sarah the same thing! Because apparently she had a whole lot to say about the CRAZY, but when it came right down to it, she stabbed sissy just like the rest of them did! It’s ok though….It just goes to show who the real bully is and who is responsible for you not getting to see your sissy get married and for you not getting to see the tiny baby children grow up. She is such a bully that she has your father scared of her!! That is the funniest part.

I wake up every morning and go to bed every night, and conduct myself in the hours in between knowing that you are watching me. So, whatever guilt others are feeling by throwing some joke of a motorcycle run in your honor to give to poor unfortunate students, or by buying flowers or whatever…..that is not honoring you. Living life everyday knowing that you are watching, and doing good things everyday is honoring you. Not throwing your name up on some memorial fund or by having a website that is full of lies and altered documents and altered writings. Anyone can change something if they are the ones typing in the information. I can say that I am the Queen of England….that doesn’t make it the truth.

The love of sisters