Brittany Rebecca Helton

Sissy is here!!

by on Mar.01, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

I am so excited that your sissy made it from CA today! I have not seen her in almost a month, since the walk. I’ve missed her! She is going to be here for a week and that will allow me to get my ‘Ashley fix’!! (haha you know what I mean and so does sissy!! inside joke!)

She is going to have a sleep over with the tiny baby children on Friday. She has grown into such an amazing big sister. It took her a while, but she is so great with them and they cannot get enough of her. They miss her so much when she is gone but love it when she come back. It’s fun having all my girls with me…even you. I know that you are watching over us. And thanks for watching over sissy during her drive. You are always with us, but God…what I wouldn’t give to have you back with us again. There was never a time when all of my girls were together in one spot and that would do nothing but make me the happiest mother in the world.

Always thinking about you, and how much we love and miss you. And I don’t need to brag about what we are doing for you nor would I ever assume that you are proud of me. I know that what i do everyday is for you and that you see it everyday.