Brittany Rebecca Helton


by on Mar.02, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

I think its hilarious that some people can claim that they believe in God when the have and continue to treat people the way that they do. They do and say hurtful things to people who they claim to love and then act as if they are ‘one with God’. Too bad they were not that way when you were alive because then maybe you would still be here. If they truly loved God as much as they claim, then why are they treating people they way that they do? Why are they being dishonest with the things that really happened surrounding your passing and the years before that. Perhaps they should seek God just a little more so they will see how wrong they are. Maybe one day if they are truly honest and take responsibility¬†for EVERYTHING, God will forgive them and grant them passage…but until that happens, they will forever be condemned. At least I know I have been honest with everything and I know where I will go when my time is up. You and I will be together again the way we should have always been.

I love you