Brittany Rebecca Helton

Another Wednesday……

by on Mar.16, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

it’s been 32 weeks since you decided you were done with your task and it was time for you to leave. 32 weeks that we all have been so very sad and missing you like crazy. 32 weeks of tears and questions and not getting the answers and 32 weeks of bullshit.

32 weeks of wanting to walk into where you have been, just to touch what you have touched and smell you. I keep throwing things around in my head. Should I do ‘this’ or should I do ‘that’. You know exactly what I have been thinking. Why have some people been acting the way they have? I know that I have not been on my best behavior, but I lost my daughter. How else am I supposed to act.

I said to someone the other day….I will never been as happy as I once was ever again. I will never have the joy that I once had because a piece of me is missing. I will be sad for the rest of my life.

I love you