Brittany Rebecca Helton


by on Mar.17, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

First it was that you were depressed, now it’s that you were cyber bullied. Someone is definitely grasping at straws. It’s truly sad that people have to make up lies to cover up their own guilt. I find it quite humorous that there is a new story every so often. I wonder why the truth has not been told. Like that fact that someone that lived in your house was video taping you without your knowledge. How about the truth that CRAZY tormented you and made you feel like a chile. she ‘allowed’ you to go on vacation with your girlfriends? You were 19!!! You could have done anything you wanted to. You were an adult. That’s what she keeps saying anyway, every time she tries to defend herself about not being aware of what was going on with you and the fact that she was SLEEPING when you took your own life. It’s funny how the answer is ‘she was an adult’ when it’s convenient for her. It’s funny that she cannot look at herself in the mirror because she will have to face her own responsibilities. She cannot sleep at night because she has her own demons to battle because she is the one that is responsible for the rest of losing you.