Brittany Rebecca Helton

Pot calling the Kettle…..

by on Mar.19, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

it’s funny that someone who claims to be an advocate against cyber bullying is doing the exact same thing that she claims is why you took your life. (which is funny how THAT story keeps changing.) To claim that I sent you messages on facebook and said mean things to you is the reason why you committed suicide is right up there with her chances of winning Ms America. I find it strange that she cannot look in her ‘own backyard’ (in her uneducated redneck words) and realize that my influence on Brittany was next to null….obviously. The funny thing is that you apparently wrote a letter, not sure if it was addressed to me, but I know it was about me and I have never been able to read it. If it was something bad that you wrote, it would have been thrown in my face faster than any of us can snap our fingers. But, your father told me that I needed to read it in person, and when we got there, I was not given the chance to do that.

As for your SISTER not going out to PA right away to ‘help with the arrangements’…first of all she was never asked to help because the control freak wanted to do everything. I even offered and was not even allowed to order the flowers for on top of your casket. Second, there is no airport in Twentynine Palms AND brother is in the military. For someone who claims to have a military background, oh how easily she has forgotten how long it takes to get emergency leave arranged. Not to mention the fact that THEY did not even offer to help sister and brother with anything….not even calling to Red Cross to get the emergency paperwork expedited (CH, that means sped up…just so you know). Regarding the airport, it only made sense to come to Vegas so we could all fly out as a family, and sister needed her true mother and grandmother just as much as we needed her.

As for my significant others, what does that have to do with anything regarding this. I could say a whole lot of things about your father….like how he likes to find other women to screw and then he leaves for weeks and then comes back, but I won’t. We can also talk about the fact that it was not me checking out your loser of a father, but the other way around….and how would she be able to see if anything happened with a police officer standing in front of her because she could not keep her big effing mouth shut for all of 5 minutes. She had to be told several times to settle down by more than one officer there. I on the other hand behaved myself like I promised you I would and actually was spoken to by one of the officers and was thanked for making his job easier!!

My world is dillusional….let’s talk a little bit about a certain phone call that was made from the CRAZY to a certain young man where she told him that she wanted him to go down and get shirts made for him and ALL his friends that said ‘I F*CKED Ashley’ and wear them to the funeral. Even offered to pay from them. And THAT information came straight from your best friend’s mouth baby girl. We know that for a fact. We can also talk about the fact that the boy told CRAZY that he was not going to do that because it was disrespectful to Brittany, Ashley and the entire situation.

As for referring to her as your HALF sister….yeah, that is true, but at least she is blood related, and not a sexual deviant. AND that is another thing we heard from your best friend about. We know all about the fact that the video camera thing happened not once, but TWICE and we also know that the CRAZY and your loser dad stated that they were going to put him in counseling, oh but there was a ‘waitlist’ for it. I can only imagine how that made you feel honey. That your disgusting STEP brother was getting off on watching you get undressed in your room and in the shower. I also love how she used to tell your sister all the time how much she loved her and that she was having ‘Ashley withdraws’, but now she is the ‘Spawn’ and a ‘retard’ and ‘nasty off spring’. WOW! Such loving words from a woman that once claimed to have loved your sister. Oh, wait, i think there was also a time when CRAZY was overheard on the phone calling both of the “C*NTS’. But of course she is going to deny that because she is the perfect mother and deserves the ‘Mother of the Year award’.

Let’s also talk about the fact why you felt the need to write nice things about CRAZY! We also know that there was a fight in the past that you wrote something nasty about her and she found it and got very angry with you, so you told your best friend that you were only going to write nice things about CRAZY from now on just in case you found them.

Let’s also talk about all the phone calls that you got from CRAZY with her screaming and your boyfriend could hear her screaming and calling you names. The call when you were in Ohio for his birthday and you were going to go to the amusement park and you got a call at midnight saying that you better be home in the morning. And the fact that you drove straight through and had to stop for at least 1 hour because you were so tired. That they allowed you to drive in that condition and to have to sleep on the side of the road. Oh, and that when you got home, nothing was said to you like nothing ever happened. That you were sooooo looking forward to going to the park with BJ and that was taken away from you. Not to mention the fact that after that phone call you cried for a very long time because you were so hurt by the call. And that was not the first crying session that you had had over that CRAZY woman.

I know that sister has so many more things that she could share with you, but she will be sharing them with someone else instead.

As for me not knowing anything about you after the point of your birth, REALLY? I was there for 3 years, before your loser father hid yours and your sisters passports from me and I was not allowed to remove you out of Germany. How is it that THAT information is never stated. Funny!! Going back to my original point….does she know anything about you before you turned 4? No!! She was not there, she did not know us. So I think that one should not speak of what they do not know.

It’s also funny how she can say that people who did not know you or spend any time with you don’t have a right to miss you….well then, what about your aunt who had probably seen you all of 2 times in the entire time you were alive. How is it that she can miss you and she was a loser just like CRAZY, but I gave birth to you, and while I may have only seen you a handful of times because 2 human beings (and I use that term lightly) were continuously breaking the law by not abiding by the court ordered visitation rights), that was not my fault. You and I have a bond that CRAZY will never be able to claim, nor take away from us.

and all i have to say to CRAZY is … away BITCH… can try, but you will never be me. I was the one that gave birth to my beloved Brittany and that gets under your skin more than anything. Jealously is the ugliest trait!!! There is something there that you will NEVER be able to take away from me, and that is the bond that I have with MY daughters. Here’s a little suggestion…instead of focusing all your time on me and my ‘nasty off spring’ (as you call it) why don’t you focus on getting yourself some help, get your disgusting son the counseling he needs, and try and get the word out about suicide and the affects it has on the people involved instead of deflecting the blame that you have within yourself to others to make yourself feel better. The only thing that I am guilty for is NOT keeping my daughter away from the likes of you. Had I just not allowed her to come back to you and your dysfunctional way of living, she would still be alive today.