Brittany Rebecca Helton

some things are so funny~~

by on Mar.19, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

So now, to add to the the list of all the things CRAZY has called me, we can add HACKER!! how funny is that baby. She actually thinks that I hacked into your facebook account. Just because I work in the computer industry, that does not mean that I know how to hack in to anything! And she calls ME the disgusting piece of shit….she really needs to take a look in the mirror.

She is right about one thing though. This battle should never have been fought. Had she not started it with her stunt with your obituary, then none of this would have ever happened and we all would have been able to mourn you together. To share stories of you and to work on things together. But instead, she had to go behind even your father’s back and lie in your obituary and say things that are not true. From listing herself as your birth mother to listing her sorry excuse for a mother as your maternal grandmother. Just because her name is on your birth certificate, that means absolutely nothing. Apparently it doesn’t mean anything that her name is allegedly on your sister’s birth certificate. That has not changed the fact that she is ‘cyber bullying’ your sister. (She likes to say people are doing that, so let’s throw it back on her.) It’s more like internet harassment. AND, I know about the letter because your loser father told me about it! I don’t make shit up like she does!!!

As for the ‘ignoring part’….total BS!!! She is the one that has stirred up all the shit that has been going on!! Had she just stepped up and been just a portion of a human being, none of this would be going on right now. If the roles were reversed, I would have included her in everything. Instead, she tried to make herself look better by ‘allowing’ us to sit at your casket at the graveside service. Oh wow! Thanks so much for allowing us to do what WE ARE ENTITLED TO in the first place!!

And, I find it pretty funny that she states she does not care about us, but continues to write about us on her joke website. What happened to not being able to fight anymore. Not being able to afford the legal fees. Well, if she would stop blowing all of her money on cigarettes and new computers, she would have been able to at least afford a headstone on your grave. It’s her responsibility afterall….she claims she’s your mother. IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT US, THEN STOP WRITING ABOUT US! GET A LIFE AND FOCUS ON THE 2 LOSER CHILDREN YOU STILL HAVE THAT ARE BREATHING BEFORE THEY DO THE SAME THING THAT MY DAUGHTER DID!!!

And let’s talk about being a THIEF!!! (that’s the way it’s spelled MORON! buy a dictionary…seriously! how STUPID are you?) That CRAZY waste of space stole you and your sister from me, AND got paid for it with my child support for all those years!!!

Oh, and you better get on the phone with your IT Director (who is probably that loser husband of your cousin….right) and tell him that the website that he created is a ridiculous joke. My youngest daughter could build a website better…AND she would be able to spell all the words correctly!!!

I hope she does go far away…and NEVER comes back!!! Fall off the face of the earth LOSER!!! She wants to mourn….well welcome to my world. That is all I have been wanting to do since August 4, 2010. I have not been given that chance. I have been harassed and tormented and tortured by her just like you were. I will not allow her to do to me what she did to you. You were just a child and she should be ashamed of herself for what she did! She does not even deserve the right to be called ‘MOM’!