Brittany Rebecca Helton

The weather outside is frightful……

by on Mar.20, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

and I have been sitting here thinking of all the drama that CRAZY continues to cause. If it’s anyone that is bipolar, it’s her!! Her posts go from scary and threatening to all loving and caring….like she knows how to even been the last 2!! If anyone needs to take any medication, and truckloads of it, it’s definitely her!!!┬áIt’s no wonder why you did what you did. Any other person would have done the same thing. AND yes, you death WAS preventable. Had she not acted like the insane person that she is, you would not have felt that the only way to get out from under her spell was to take your own life. I will blame her until the day comes for me to see you. She was the one that was responsible for you doing what you did! AND, had your loser, weak father done something about her torturing you, you would still be here. I think it’s so funny that they just think they are the best parents ever! Let’s talk about biohazard!

I hope that she discussed with her ‘IT Director’ (do you even think she knows what IT stands for…? haha) about the fact that someone can copy a photo and alter it 7 times and it no longer falls under the so called copyright that she claims to have. And as for your ‘ESTATE’, PAH LEESE!!!! Give me a break already!!! It’s so funny that she can claim that she is doing all of this, but to this day, almost 8 months since you have been gone, your headstone is still not in placr. I am sure that she is making sure that it has her name all over it, because I guess your death is really ALL about her!!! SICKO!!! Get a life!!!

I told your sister the other day that I am really trying to be a good person and look beyond everything that has happened, and I don’t like to use this word…but I really do HATE her and I know that you felt the same way….no matter what you wrote! Oh, and speaking of that….it’s funny how now, in your last letter, you allegedly wrote that not matter what you had written about her before that she really was the best. The thing is, you just wrote MOM, not her name……so thank you honey. I am not the greatest mom in the world, but I try my best. (I am sure now she will change what she wrote and say it was from you, because she has a habit of doing that!!!) Nothing that she has posted will ever be believed until we see it for our own eyes!! And when you wrote MOM, I know you were talking about me! I know what you and sister talked about when it came to CRAZY!!!

I love you my sweet girl! I hope that you are resting, unless you are playing with Sasha, Bubby, Pippen and Monkey!