Brittany Rebecca Helton

She is NOT that smart!!

by on Mar.24, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

I guess the CRAZY finally realized that it was not worth fighting anymore and finally either hid her page or took it down all together! I wish that I could say that it was hacked, but I am sure that she just did something stupid, like she always does. Besides, I have no clue how to hack into anything!

I miss you. I had lunch with a friend of mine today and we talked about you and the convo that you and sissy had the night before you left us. I wish you would have said something to her about how you were feeling and we could have taken care of things for you. I would have driven across the world to save you from everything that was going on. I just wish you had reached out to me and said something…ANYTHING!!! I hate that you are gone and that we never get to see your face again, except in pictures and in our thoughts.

I love you, and so do your sisters…..