Brittany Rebecca Helton

So sad that people continue to lie!!

by on Mar.28, 2011, under Thoughts and Feelings

So, just when you think that everything is ok, the lies are continuing. It’s really sad that she has to lie to cover her own guilt about your death. Mainly because she is the one that is responsible for you no longer being here with us, but then she lies and has tributes to you taken down. What the ‘person’ does not seem to understand is that she is not hurting me…..she is hurting you, all over again! It’s ok baby because the important people know the truth and the rest of them don’t matter! I hope that you kick her a*s when you see her and then send her to hell, because that is exactly where she belongs.

On another note, I am worried about sissy. Please watch over her tomorrow when we go to get to test done. She is scared and I am worried about her. She really could use her sister right now. It’s so sad that she does not have you here to help her with this. All she ever wanted ¬†was for you 2 to be close, and you were until you were taken away from us. We love you so much and miss you more than you know.

Tomorrow at 1pm, ok honey. Send us a sign….please.

I hope you are finally resting, but with all the BS that the crazy is doing, you most likely are not.


I love you so so much