Brittany Rebecca Helton

I Miss My Child

by on Oct.23, 2011, under Poetry

I Miss My Child

Don’t ask me how im doing,
you don’t really want to know
you want me to say im doing fine,
not let my feelings show

you talk about your children,
but you never mention mine
you think thats showing that you care,
that i will think thats fine

but my child is still important,
i love them just the same
it hurts that you wont talk of them,
afraid to say their name

the club that i belong to,
it gets bigger everyday
i hope i never see you there,
of that i hope and pray

its a group of special people,
whose hearts are forever broken
and our pain is only doubled
when our angels names are never spoken

we’re angel moms and angel dads,
and we want you to remember
that we didnt ask to join this club,
or ask to be a member

so when you ask that question,
and i say that im just fine
give me a hug and say to me “your not, no need to lie”
all we need is understanding,
sometimes a shoulder too
if the roles were reversed we’d do the same for you.