Brittany Rebecca Helton

Strange Things are Happening….

by on May.29, 2012, under Thoughts and Feelings

I’m not sure what is going on, but there some strange things have been happening over the past few days. From friends requests to messages to blogs on websites about your sister. Is it now finally that time when people are realizing that perhaps they were wrong in treating Ashley the way that they did and perhaps they are seeking forgiveness and absolution for their wrong doings? Is it that time when the guilt has finally sunk in and people are starting to realize that Ashley did not do anything wrong and that she was treated poorly by people who claim to have loved her. Well, in our family, if you love someone, you do not treat them like they were no better than garbage. You do not send horrible text messages and call people the nastiest names you can think of. You do not tell lies about the person that you claim to love in order to make yourself look better to other people. In our family, we tell each other that we love the other person. We talk about things that are bothering us and we try to work through things that have happened. We forgive, but we never forget what has happened.

It has always been said that weddings and funerals bring out either the worst of the best in people. In this case, it did not only bring out the worst, it brought out the devil in some individuals that were involved in your life, and now they expect forgiveness. They expect everything to be forgotten and to be a part of the person’s life that they hurt more than anything. They expect a person to pretend like it never happened and to go back to the way that it was before you died and before they started acting like complete assholes. Well, I am glad to say that THAT is not going to happen. We are not children and we do not look at things through rose colored glasses. Perhaps the actions of certain people should have been thought out BEFORE they happened, and there would be no reason to ask for forgiveness. Perhaps they should have thought about how much they claimed to have loved someone and treated that person with the respect they deserved and there would be no reason to apologize.

I know that you are seeing (and have seen) everything that is going on here. I hope that you are not stressing over what has been happening and that you are resting peacefully.

I think of you every minute of every day. Little things remind me of you. Little thoughts pop into my head and that make me miss you. I have and always will love you with all my heart.

Rest in peace angel….until we meet again.