Brittany Rebecca Helton

Missing you…..

by on Jun.11, 2012, under Thoughts and Feelings

I was supposed to go to the Overnight Walk in San Francisco this last weekend, but I just could not get myself together to go. I had a horrible migraine, the worst I have ever had and I am sure it is because of all the stress and drama that has been going on. When are people going to learn that neither one of you were their children. You both are my children. When are people going to realize that they have absolutely no clue what your sister is going through because they could not be bothered enough to ask if she was ok. Instead they felt it was best to bully and demean and betray her and treat her like she was no better than garbage. When are they going to realize that she wants absolutely nothing to do with them. Not just because of what happened when you left, but because of their behavior prior to you dying. It was a blessing in disguise for me to have your sister go there and live in that insane house for the time that she did because she finally was able to see that what I was saying was not lies but actually the truth.

I have found that I have been thinking about you quite a bit more now that I have before. Don’t get me wrong…I think of you constantly. I just cannot believe that you have been gone for almost 2 years. Gone with you are my hopes of being able to talk to you again. Being about to have a relationship with you and to tell you how very much I have always loved you. How much I want you in our lives….mine and your sisters. You are missing out on so much. Sheridan is now going into 7th grade and is growing like crazy. She is absolutely gorgeous (like all my girls) and is so excited because like you, she is going to be a cheerleader next year. And Tristann…don’t get me started on her. She is this incredible, amazing, stunning little girl that has a personality like nobody’s business. She makes me laugh and when she smiles she has this dimple right under her eye. It reminds me of the scar you had on your face when you hit the coffee table when sissy pushed you off the couch. I think that Tee resembles you the most. She is so funny and so loving and caring. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks but is kind with her words when she speaks to others. Her feelings get hurt so easily, but will never hurt anyone else’s feelings. And then there is Sissy….she has become a foster mama to a very sweet little black kitten. She is an awesome person and I am so glad that she is part of my life. I love all of you so very much.

Rest in peace my sweet angel. Until we meet again.