Brittany Rebecca Helton

Belated Mother’s Day Gift

by on Jun.18, 2012, under Thoughts and Feelings

Your sister gave me the most amazing gift for Mother’s Day while she and brother were here this last weekend. She had a book made with pictures of all of my beautiful girls. There were some pictures in there of you that I had not seen before and it brought tears to my eyes. It was both sad and happy emotions at the same time.

I miss you so much. I wish that we could turn back the clock and fix everything that went wrong¬†between us. As much as I tried to let you know that I love you and that I was always there for you, there were others that did not want us to have a relationship and stood in the way every chance they got. I have no doubt that it was out of pure jealousy more than anything else. Anything that could be done to control you and to keep you away from me was done. And no look where you are, and I am here with a permanently broken heart. I am still devastated by the fact that I am never again going to see your beautiful face. Never will I see you enjoying being around your baby sisters and your older sister. You will miss so much, but then again, you won’t. You probably have the best seat in the house for our life’s events.

I love you so very much. I think of you every second of every day. I hope that you are able to finally rest. I was never angry at you, but at your actions. We are in so much pain without you, but are glad that you are no longer in pain and being treated poorly.

Don’t ever forget that you mommy loves you oh so very much!