Brittany Rebecca Helton

The things people say…..

by on Jun.25, 2012, under Thoughts and Feelings

How can someone say that their grief is any more important or any stronger than someone else’s grief? Granted, we all grieve in different ways, but who is anyone to say that their hurt is more significant than anyone elses? How self centered and selfish to diminish anyone’s feelings for someone they have lost.

Allow others to grieve and DO NOT discount their grief. It is not fair that because someone may not have spent a significant amount of time with someone that they do not hurt as badly as someone else. ESPECIALLY someone who gave birth to a child and had that child taken away from her by someone that claimed to have loved her and then pushed her to take her own life. Someone who was/is so obsessed with her ‘children’ that she would not allow one of them to actually have a life. Someone who cannot realize that she still has 2 living children and that the child that died was not even hers. She did not give birth to her, but continues to claim that her pain is so much more important than anyone else’s.