Brittany Rebecca Helton

No Negativity…No Drama…Just life

by on Mar.27, 2013, under Thoughts and Feelings

It’s funny how people handle stress and drama sometimes. They try to bring stress and drama into other people’s lives simply because they can’t learn to be happy. People don’t seem to get a clue when they are not wanted in others lives. They continue to reach out and try to contact people that want nothing to do with them. They even lash out at said people and try to make them look bad. It’s a very sad life to lead. To constantly be consumed with the thoughts of people that could care less about that other person and to be dismissed from someone’s life. To still be angry about something that that person brought on themselves but to not have the mental capability to actually accept responsibility for their actions and to realize that they are the ones at fault. I guess it’s easier to put the blame on someone else for their actions than to be and adult and to reflect back and actually realize that they were the one that was completely at fault. To continue, even after 2 1/2 years, to throw the blame on people that had nothing to do with what happened. To blame others for not being allowed to be a part of something. To not allow others to help even after it was offered. To go from one extreme to the other. To actually not reflect back and realize that perhaps they were the reason why they lost what was most precious to them. That if they had been a better person, someone would not have felt the need to so desperately get away from them that they did the ultimate life altering action. The life ending action.

It’s also funny that said person is saying that people need to stop being so self absorbed when said person is so extremely self absorbed that they made losing a child all about them, instead of about the child that has left this earth too soon. Not focusing on the children that are still living, but obsessing about the child that has left. Neglecting those that need said person and dwelling on the hateful ugliness that they themselves have created. Sad that said person thinks that everyone around them agrees with their opinion. When the truth is that those people that are around this particular individual are just simply afraid of them. They are afraid one minute to the next how said person is going to react if they were to actually tell the truth to this person about how they really feel about the way this person treated the child that left. It is easier for these people to just stay away from said person because they never know when (never IF) said person is going to SNAP.

And YES…..If you are reading this…and you know who YOU are…..this is all about you. Being that you are so self absorbed.