Brittany Rebecca Helton

AFSP Advocacy Forum June 2013

by on Jun.05, 2013, under Thoughts and Feelings

I am so very honored to have been asked to participate in the 2013 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Field Advocacy Forum in Washington DC this month. Next week we will leave for what I hope will be a moving and life changing experience. I have already set in stone an appointment with one of the most influential men in politics who happens to be from Nevada and who also knows what it is like to be a survivor of suicide. Senator Harry Reid is going to take some time from his busy schedule to sit and talk to Phil and I so that we can work together to do more for suicide prevention, not just in general, but also in regards to the military and the tragedy that continues to hit our armed forces. I’m so very nervouse and excited at the same time and I have received some amazing words of advice from others who have already been to the forum in the past.

Alright little girl…I hope that you know that this is all because of you. I am doing this because we lost you. You left us and I want to help others know that there is help out there. No one has to go through things alone in this crazy world. I wish that you had known that. I can go on and on with the ‘If Only’s’ but that is not going to bring you back, so I crusade. I crusade for you and for all the others that felt the only way out was by suicide. I crusade for the other parents that have had to put their child in the ground instead of watching them graduate from college, get married and have babies. I will crusade until I can no longer breathe.

I love you. I hope you are resting in peace and I hope that you know that there are people here who miss you every day that we walk the earth.

Until we meet again, never forget that you are my baby, and I am your mommy.