Brittany Rebecca Helton

Stupid is as Stupid Does……

by on Sep.12, 2013, under Thoughts and Feelings

So baby girl, apparently the stupidity continues. People say that they others should take responsibility for they actions and that other people bring things on themselves, but will never ever realize that THEY are the reason why you are no longer with us. THEY are the ones that were taking a nap and mowing the fucking lawn while you were struggling and ending your own life. But of course because they think they are perfect, they must deflect their guilt so that everyone thinks they are the model parents. Sure, I made mistakes and I am not proud of some of the things that I did, like marrying your loser cheating father, but if I had not, I never would have had you. I never would have carried you for 10 months and I never would have given birth to you. You never would have been a mini me, and I am sure that killed her every time she looked at you. She could not stand the fact that you looked just like me and that is most likely the reason why she treated you as poorly as she did. It really is sad that she had to take another woman’s child because she could not have anymore of her own.

Now she feels the need to continue with the drama and post horrible things about your sister. Maybe you were angry with her and maybe you felt the need to write personal PRIVATE thoughts that you were having, but that does not give the step monster the right to post them for everyone to read. We all have a right to our thoughts and feelings and for her to post them is just descicrating you and the person that you are. Sisters fight with each other, but in the end, no one should know of the personal thoughts that we have about the other person. It just shows how small of a human being she really is to go and post your private thoughts…but then again, we always knew how small of a person she was. That is why you did what you did.

I know that you were so afraid of her and her treatment of you. I just wish you would have reached out to us. We would have had you out of there in a heartbeat. You never would have had to deal with that monster again. She never deserved your love, but I know that you never truly gave it to her either. It’s just too bad that she has to post things that she probably wrote herself because she wants to make everyone else look bad and make herself look good because of her guilty feelings. Lazy ass bitch sleeping on the couch while my daughter is ending her own life because of of your torture.

So funny that I am blamed for causing all the drama. So funny that I am accused of continuing the drama after 3 years. The fact that she cannot let go of anything is just truly sad. The fact that she continues to stir drama and thinks that anyone cares is hilarious. The fact that they had to move all the way to S Carolina to escape their own guilt is laughable. The fact that she has to make up stories about people driving 12 hours to see them on your anniversary is just sad. She wants everyone to have the spotlight on her and does not realize that it is NOT ABOUT HER! It never was. It is and always has been about you and the fact that you took your own life to escape her torment and torture. When will she realize that NO ONE cares about her and no one wants to hear her sob stories any more. She needs to go wallow in her own sorrows somewhere else. Maybe if she had not been such an evil sorry excuse for a human being, then she would not have to feel guilty for being the one that killed you.

Read away Christine Helton. I am not afraid of you. No one is afraid of you. The only person that was is no longer here all because of you. YOU are the reason MY daughter is dead. YOU are the reason that she had to keep 2 journals, one with lies about how much she loved you and one with the truth. You sad sad little woman. You will never be half the mother that I am.