Brittany Rebecca Helton

It’s been quite some time……

by on Apr.17, 2015, under Thoughts and Feelings

It has been quite some time since I have written. Life has been crazy busy with all the planning for the 2015 Out of the Darkness Walk. What a HUGE success it was! Almost 1100 participants and nearly $63000 raised in donations and still more money coming in.

We were invited to the City Council Meeting where we were presented with an award from the City for all of the work we are doing for suicide prevention. We are so close to finally receiving our charter. So many good things are happening. I wish that we did not have to do all of this, but you have made all of these things happen. You are doing more good than you know. If only you knew how much you were loved and what a good person you were when you were here, we would not have to do all of this now.

I will write more later.

I love you. I miss you everyday. You are missing so much, but then again, you are probably not.CityCouncil